You’re Kidding… Right?

A piece written up this week in the New York Times tackles the subject of using a mobile phone for web browsing. There is an alarming statistic in it that says only 13% of Americans are using their phones for surfing the web more than once a month. Our first reaction to this was to lay into Yankee Group for not getting the survey right. Were they asking the questions wrong or were they skewing answers to meet some agenda? How could this figure be so low? Shouldn’t that number be closer to 50% or so? Then we asked ourselves, realistically, how many cell phone owners do we personally know who use their device for web browsing?

Truth be told, that stat is probably dead on. Outside of the few of us AndroidGuys running around using our phones for anything and everything, our family members and extended friends aren’t tech savvy enough to want or use internet on their phone. Some of them don’t even own PC’s still. What reasons are there for this? Horrible configuration? Tiny screens? Cost?

Let us know why you are apparently not using your phone for web browsing in the comments below.


One response to “You’re Kidding… Right?

  1. You nailed just about every reason I don’t use my phone to browse the web but the #1 reason is cost.

    I’m on AT&T (formerly Cingular) I refuse to pay the ridiculous prices they ask for web surfing. Furthermore if I’m in a situation where I absolutely positively NEED to find something online I typically have my laptop with me and am near a WiFi (free) HotSpot to do so.

    Secondary would be the screen size.

    So why am I reading Android? Well I’m hoping google does turn the industry upside down and the cost of mobile internet goes down and I hope to ride at least part of that wave.

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