Rumor Fueling Headline of the Day

Google-powered mobile phones to make a February debut?

Take it easy fanboy. That’s a question up there, not a statement. Notice that funny looking thing at the end of the sentence? It seems like all you have to do is slap a questions mark at the end of a headline to keep yourself safe from scrutiny should your title prove to be wrong. On the other hand, if it pans out in your favor, then you can also say “We were the first to tell you…” So, take this article with a grain of salt.

The Mobile World Congress expo starts February 11th in Barcelona and everyone expects Google to be there with some Android goodness as it’s already confirmed that they have two stands booked on the floor. The good folks over at APC Magazine are conjecturing that Big G will show off some shiny cool device running Android to get people in a buzz.

It doesn’t take someone inside the Googleplex to be privy to information and speculation like this. Anybody who is anybody will be at this expo. All the carriers, developers, vendors, and PR people you could care to see. It’s like going to an auto show. So much though, that a lot of times, prototypes and things ‘under development’ might not see the light of day for years, if at all. Ahem. Duke Nukem Forever.

Other than a catchy tile, the article does show off a few pictures of Android that you might not have seen yet, along with some technical specs.

UPDATE: Corrected date and linked to expo site.


2 responses to “Rumor Fueling Headline of the Day

  1. Hey AndroidGuys!

    Would you please verify the dates of the The Mobile World Congress expo? The site you reference to said that it starts 2/11/08.

    A link to the Expo would be nice too.

    I’m digging into this for my blog.


    Pam Hoffman

  2. Fixed! Thanks for the heads up. What the heck is February ’22th’ anyways? Cheers!

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