I Won an 8GB iPod Touch!

Well, not yet. I sure hope so though. See, The Big Bald Blog is giving away all kinds of neat stuff right now including EntreCard credits, some schwag, and a blog review. Truth be told, We’d love the 8GB Touch, but the blog review would work wonders for us too. If you’ve been paying attention to our site for very long, you’ll see we’ve experimented with a couple of layouts, designs, ads, etc. Right now, we’ve got a few sponsors listed over on the right, so to grease some palms, I’m gonna throw The Big Bald Blog up for a while. Stop by and tell him how much you’d really like to see Scott from AndroidGuys win.

Here’s the site! The Big Bald Blog Contest


One response to “I Won an 8GB iPod Touch!

  1. Just need to verify your email address in my control panel. Email me with what it is and I will make sure you are in the drawing next week.

    Thanks Scott.

    The Big Bald Blog at impactmt dot com.

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