AG5 – December 22nd Edition

Another week has gone by so it’s time for the AndroidGuys AG5! It was a pretty momentous couple of days for Google and the Open Handset Alliance. While mostly positive stuff, they did see a little negative press. To find out what went down, read the full post!

#1 – The SDK was dragged through the mud a little bit
A handful of sites picked up on the same article and each spun it slightly different. The bottom line was this; There are some developers out there complaining about the Android kit and Google’s lack of willingness to help. AndroidGuys say relax though.

Further Reading
When it Rains, it Pours
Developers find Android SDK frustrating

Respect knuckles go to the Wall Street Journal for picking up on our story and linking it on Wednesday!

#2 – The FCC told us who was going to bid on the 700MHz spectrum.
Although we’re not surprised by most of the list, there were a few names on there which had us cock our heads a bit. Names like Paul Allen, Chevron, and the world’s richest man, Carlos Slim Helu were among the left-field entrants.

Further Reading
Paul Allen, Google To Bid in FCC Spectrum Auction

#3 – A Gizmodo reader put thousands of nerds in a tizzy with just one picture.
After seeing pictures of Android on a reference board a few weeks back, tech fans were delighted to see a snapshot of Google’s OS on a device in the wild. 4 out of 5 AndroidGuys agree: Very cool! As for the 5th, well, he wasn’t entirely sold on the picture being authentic.

Further Reading
The original Gizmodo article can be found here.
Android on RIM?

#4 – Two new programs emerged for Android, whetting appetites everywhere.
One program is designed for maintainingg your frequent contacts while the other is designed for the black-ops spy in all of us. Whether worthy or not, so far they’d be taking home $5M each. That is of course, providing nobody else writes a single program for Android

Further Reading
Android Based Game: WiFi Army

#5 – AndroidGuys shook things up a little bit.
We saw our site getting linked in more places this week than normal and as a result our traffic has increased tremendously. We also stepped our podcast game up a bit and you guys seemed to like it. Finally, we launched a few new series to look for.

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