Housekeeping Notice

If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that our logo has changed slightly. Where it used to fit across the top of the page, now it only covers like 70% of it. It is not because AndroidGuys doesn’t know what they are doing. You can blame this one on Blogger. Yep, that’s right… Google did it.

It started out like this. Scott went to upload the new, darker logo to the site, only to find it kept resizing it. After over 1 hour of pulling hair and blaming himself, he checked the Blogger help group only to find this message.

To set the record straight,we changed the header image page element to automatically resize uploaded images. Now, the images fit the header dimensions. Have you ever tried to upload an image to your blog, but the image was just too big and took up the entire front page of your blog? Well now with the auto resizing, you no longer have to worry about this problem.

Well, that was never really a problem for us to begin with. Reading further down, Blogger responded to a couple dozen irate posts with this…

OK, we hear you loud and clear! We’re working on a fix to change header images that should appease those of you who want larger header images. We’re sorry for any frustration and inconvenience the original change might have caused. But, we’ve listened to your feedback and are quickly acting to address the situation. Thanks!

So whenever that gets fixed, our site will stop looking the way it does. Next time, I won’t bother with changing stuff until I do some extensive research. Should have left ‘well enough’ alone!


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