Google Using the iPhone as Testing Bed for Android?

Steven Wellman at the Information Week blog perked our ears up a little bit this afternoon with his latest post ‘Are Google iPhone Apps Also Beta Apps For Android?‘ Citing blogger Jon Bradford’s argument, Wellman reminds us that WebKit is the basis for both Apple’s Safari browser and Google’s Andrid SDK.

This kind of changes things a bit for all of those who have been so worried about the alleged bug and flaws in the early release of the SDK. By letting those early adopting Apple geeks be the guinea pigs, Google can iron out and tweak applications. All the while, enhancing their own kit based on their findings.

We at AndroidGuys think this is a very plausible situation. Why not test your stuff on products already on the market? If not for stability and ease of use, then for what kind of adoption rate and interest there is.


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