Android On RIM???

Is this the Android OS running on a BlackBerry?!

Settle down. The answer is a resounding “NO.” To put it bluntly, Lukai, one of the AndroidGuys doesn’t believe the photo on Gizmodo is legit enough to warrant all the recent hype. He is calling that image a HOAX. In fact, he said it would be easy to replicate that on any type of phone so he spent about 10 minutes in PhotoShop last night making it appear to run on his BlackBerry 8230.

We want to see video of Android in the wild and not the same wallpaper/menu that has been showing up in pictures online over the last few weeks. So consider this a call to action. We want a video of someone running Android in whatever capacity. On top of that, we want to know how you got it and what you are running it on.

What say you? Did Lukai shoot holes in the Gizmodo article or is he just being a Debbie Downer?


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