Android Based Game: WiFi Army

Imagine walking through the mall and your phone vibrates indicating you have a new message. Looking at the screen, it says something along the lines of “Here is your target, take him out.” You have come within 300 feet of your opponent. Should you find your target, you will then engage them in a game of ‘war.’ This is exactly the scenario you are likely to find with WiFi Army. Props to Ubergizmo today for making us aware that such a game has come to fruition for Android. This could be a cool GPS-based game.

Think of the possibilities! A central server with ‘agent profiles’ stored. You can also be alerted if you are compromised and in the vicinity of another agent. Assign each guy a code number that you can either SMS or email to let your enemy know you’ve spotted him. Upload a photo of the guy before he gets you. Do citywide and nationwide rankings. Perfect for all the guys who still want to play ‘spy.’

Currently, each city is listed with a maximum of 500 participants. The best part? It’s 100% FREE.


2 responses to “Android Based Game: WiFi Army

  1. Hi Android Guys (where are the Gals?)!

    Have you actually tried WiFi Army?

    Without intentions of being pretentious, to me the idea behind of WiFi Army is almost a no-brainer when thinking about gaming, mobiles and GPS. With the sketchy 3D animations on the website I do not know what to think about the game.

    I mean, currently Android exists on desktop only, and I haven’t seen any mobile-specific hardware (like GPS) used from Android emulator.

    Therefore, I wonder if there’s any (tr)action behind WiFi Army Android game?



    I think that the game idea itself holds plenty of possibility. This exact version though? I don’t know that it would be a Developer’s Challenge winner by any stretch, but it opens the door for spy games and GPS based goodies alike.

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