20/20 Podcast (Secret Bonus Level Edition!)

Thanks to everyone for being patient as we were getting our podcasts in place the way we wanted them to be. More importantly, they are the way they should have been set up all along. As a gift, we are throwing the standard 20/20 podcasts up with an an extra 20 minute segment.

Sit tight for another day or so and you’ll get three more by the end of the week as most of the AndroidGuys were able to get together last night and tackle a variety of subjects. Now that the podcasts/feed are working properly, you’ll see the content more regularly.You can expect at least two podcasts a week, maybe more. Thanks to anyone and everyone for their help and patience!

20/20 Podcast #4A – MP3
20/20 Podcast #4B – MP3
20/20 Podcast #4C – MP3

Be sure to subscribe to both the standard AndroidGuys feed as well as the podcast only version!

About the AndroidGuys 20/20: We feel that 20 minutes is a sufficient amount of time to cover one subject in depth, without beating a dead horse. At the same time, it also allows for multiple topics to be covered in short segments. It also helps to keep the file sizes down for those with slower connections. Plus, it’s a play on words, as we generally cover things in the past week.


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