When it Rains, it Pours

Looks like the only news about Android over the last day and a half is only negative. It seems as if everyone wants to rip into Google for how bad their SDK allegdely is. We’ve seen more than a few sites this morning tell us how buggy and unrefined the kit is and how Google is not helping developers.

Has Google stretched themselves too thin? AndroidGuys doesn’t think so. Look, we need to remember that we’re only one month in here. Props to Google for not slapping ‘beta’ on the end of the SDK version to get a free pass. We feel very comfortable with the direction Android is going and look forward to newer versions. Look at it this way, we’re getting ready to see Windows Mobile 6.1 and yet people still complain about it. You know the adage; You can please some of the people…

Nobody complains (as much) when a game comes out. People are eager to try it out regardless of glitches. You’re five levels into a game and it locks up? “Oh well, I expected that. After all, it just came out a few weeks ago. I’m sure they’ll fix this over the next few months.” Let’s not be too quick to attack anybody here. By the time a lot of these news articles were put together, the newest SDK conceivably could have already addressed some of the concerns these developers were ranting about. As far as being stretched too thin? We doubt it. Google takes calculated risks, not blind ones.
Harsh feedback on Google’s Android phone developer kit
Developers: Android Doesn’t Work
Developing apps for Google Android: it’s a mixed bag

And here’s one that says “File this under non-news”
Google’s Android Beta Buggy. So What?


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