Sadko Mobile Says ‘Get Your Freq On’

Another new Android application has found its way onto the internet. CallFreq, is a new generation of a phone dialer that filters for user the most relevant contacts. At present CallFreq retrieves contacts based on frequency of incoming and outgoing calls over a period from one hour to one month. At least according to their site. It’s a pretty cool concept when you think about it. Why scroll through all of your contacts when you only need around 5-10 of them on a daily basis?

There is a flash demo that you can play with on their website. You’ll also find a note stating “Unfortunately, we cannot actually dial the numbers yet – so the call will most likely not get through. If the call is dropped, you will see a prompt, and then you will return back to the dialer. However, keep trying and you will be rewarded!

Someone out there with plenty of free time on their hands?


One response to “Sadko Mobile Says ‘Get Your Freq On’

  1. I really like Sadko’s CallFreq concept. I think this is just one of many new and exciting mobile ideas to come due to Android. Google really has the right idea with this platform.

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