5 Megapixel Cameras Standard in Mobile Phones?

We came across a couple of posts on some other sites this morning that mention Motorola’s new line of phones for 2008 possibly having a 5MP camera. We also found an article mentioning phones in the near future with 3X optical zoom and we’re all for that. Currently, most people are stuck with these 1.2 and 2.1 cameras that just don’t seem nearly as nice as those 5MP+ cameras you can get for under $100 right now.

This seems like a logical step to make as far as hardware is concerned. We’re being told from all sorts of people that 2008 will be the year that people stop using ‘phones’ and start using ‘mobile devices.’ Shouldn’t these people get something a little more comparable to a stand alone camera? Ever try to record a video of a child blowing out candles at a birthday party? With the lights out?

For a brief period, the cameras in a smart phone were more than adequate as they weren’t really being used by consumers so much as realtors taking pictures of that home they were trying to sell. Next year, it’s expected that more consumers are going to be using smart phones than ever. It’s time for the camera/video camera to get to where it needs to be. Processors, memory, and graphics cards will be no excuse. Android phones should see the benefit of having companies like NVIDIA and Intel in the Open Handset Alliance.


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