Not Ready for Prime Time?

According to developer Adam MacBeth, Android has so far brought nothing but headaches and frustration. He goes on to say that “functionality is not there, is poorly documented or just doesn’t work.” He’s not the only one complaining either. Tim Wisniewski is one of the more outspoken coders and he finds it “shocking” that some of the “basic” platform architecture don’t yet work. Is this the case for all developers? Hardly.

Rick Genter, a professional software engineer who is writing an Android application in his free time, said that while Google’s mobile software is buggy, it is not necessarily any worse than any other software at such an early stage. He said there should be plenty of time for Google to tidy things up before Android handsets hit the market next year.

It’s not uncommon to see the unhappy people being the loudest in the room. As with anything new, there are going to be plenty of people taking shots at the next big thing. Expectations are running especially high for Android, so we’re not surprised by comments like Adam’s. Let’s not discount the fact that Google released an update to the SDK just last Friday. Perhaps some of the concerns have already been addressed.

We’re noticing a lot of small and mid-size developers working on their individual projects and team collaborations. The ‘wait and see’ approach is most likely what your big time software houses are going to do for the next few weeks and months. The single developers and small teams don’t seem to be complaining a whole lot from what we gather. Could be a case of someone with a really big soap box.

So for the developers reading this, are you happy or unhappy with the SDK so far?

UPDATE: You might also be interested in reading our follow-up piece, “When it Rains, it Pours’

Big respect knuckles to the WSJ for linking this article in a piece dated December 19th.


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