Who is Sirf Technology Holdings?

If you looked at the names of the founding members of the Open Handset Alliance, the casual tech fan would probably recognize a little over half of the names. Well about those other companies? What do they bring to the table? Why would they benefit the OHA? AndroidGuys is here to help break down a few of the names of the partners and tell you what you might expect from them. First up is SiRF Technology.

According to Wikipedia, SiRF manufactures a range of patented GPS chipsets and software for consumer navigation devices and systems. What does this mean? It means that the stuff they make for phones will help with location awareness in programs like Google Earth and Google Search. It could also come into play down the road in social networking applications. Consumers would very much like to see location used to enhance their lives by further developing the things they already do with their mobile devices. More and more, users are looking for a that easy-to-use location experience, whether it be for navigation, geo-searching, geo-tagging, or accessing a wide range of location-aware applications and content. Using location as a native feature in the Android, handset manufacturers and network providers can give consumers the out-of-the-box “locative experience” where location permeates everything they do with their mobile devices.

From SiRF’s website: SiRF’s extensive patent and intellectual property portfolio improves on conventional GPS by providing location awareness where other approaches cannot, including under dense foliage, in steep ravines, in “urban canyons” and even in some indoor environments. In the constant tension between lost and found, SiRF’s GPS solutions tip the odds in favor of being found.

So rest easy if you plan on spending a lot of time in urban canyons and steep ravines! On a more serious note, this does bode well for those who are concerned with situations where they might end up stranded or missing.


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