M/C Ventures Has a Crystal Ball

M/C Ventures predicts that globally, 2008 will see more people accessing the Internet via their mobile phones than through desktops or laptops. PCs will still be the primary way to access in developed countries. However, in developing regions, most Internet use will come from mobile phones, helping to bridge the digital divide.

“Mobile broadband is becoming the medium to bridge the digital divide worldwide. Many people in the world, even developed economies, don’t have regular, affordable access to the Internet for a variety of reasons, but mobile phones and the business models around them are profitably penetrating even the low income sectors of the economy. Now more than ever, people of many means can use mobile phones to enable their lives. Quite simply, mobile broadband will democratize communications.” – James Wade, managing general partner, M/C Venture Partners.

He also predicts that 2008 will see mobile devices ushering in the second wave of broadband. We consider those bold statements and projections to make. Of course all means of accessing the internet will increase in 2008. As more countries develop and technologies are improved upon, naturally the trend would be to see more adoption. However, we can’t figure how the developing countries will turn to mobile devices for high speed internet when countries like the United States don’t even have a great high speed network in place yet. As far as the second wave of broadband is concerned, there will be a huge jump in users accessing broadband connections, be it via Wi-Fi, WiMAX, or whatever “Wi” you end up with. We do not look for leaps in speeds for PC’s and laptops so much as what is available to wireless users. To us, a second wave of broadband really would faster all around speeds, regardless of device. We’re talking double what is available at a minimum.


3 responses to “M/C Ventures Has a Crystal Ball

  1. I wonder if he can predict if you’re ever going to provide a working podcast feed to your ever growing number of readers/listeners.
    It’s a little ironic that you’re writing about the Android revolution and yet cannot build a proper rss feed.
    Should we just give up? Should I go away? Please tell me.

  2. Vitor, we’ve only done two 20/20’s and a couple of Week in Reviews. It’s been two weeks since we had one. I am holding off on releasing the next 20/20 for the simple fact that I don’t want to end up pissing you off even more. We set our feed up through Feedburner and it automatically created it for iTunes. I simply do not know how to create one otherwise.

    As far as the irony behind us writing about Android, I’m not sure I get it. We’ve stated a few times here that we are just a handful of Google/OHA/Android ‘fans’ reporting what’s going on and opining about it. We are not developers in any capacity.

    We hate to see comments from people who are unhappy, and would gladly do what we could to alleviate the problems. Could you create one for us?

  3. Scott, I’m not pissed off at all, I’d be long gone before that.
    I really do want to keep up with the news through you guys, that’s the reason I keep asking for the feed.

    The one thing you have to keep in mind here is that you do not want your feed to have a link to the html page, that’s for the regular feed, what you want on this one is a link to the mp3 file. I believe all you have to do is select the ‘SmartCast’ option when you set up the feed on feedburner.
    Here’s an how to:link (hint, search for smartcast on that page)

    Here’s another way, but this one involves creating a second blog:link

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