AG5 – December 15 Edition

#1 – Nokia claiming that Google’s Android will offer nothing revolutionary.
A full month after the cellular industry was all abuzz about open networks and service capabilities, Nokia comes out and says that they would have been able to make the same type of announcement a year ago. On top of that, they are slowly building their own alliance of sort.

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#2 – Endgadget spent some time with HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou.
We learned that HTC has been playing around with Android for about two years already! Chou informed us that Android will most likely impact the consumer market for now and then maybe down the road, enterprise users.

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#3 – Android was spotted running on a device this week.
Although it was not a phone, we got to see pictures of Android in action as it was running on a reference board. A few screen shots showed us the main menu, Google maps, and an incoming call. While it may not seem all that exciting at first, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

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#4 – The 700MHz auction got a little bit more interesting this week.
The rumor mill started churning again as we heard that a couple Asian outfits might in the running come January. Some of the names mentioned have ties to the Open Handset Alliance, making potential scenarios fun to think about.

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#5 – Big, bulky PC’s and laptops are going the way of dinosaurs.
With the ever growing number of smart phones hitting the market, MID’s will find a nice fit with the consumer base as they become more popular. As technology gets faster and more robust, it also gets smaller and less expensive.

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