Introducing the AG5

So, what is the AG5? Simply put, it is our revamped ‘Week in Review’. We’ll be highlighting the 5 biggest things talked about on AndroidGuys from the previous week. Whether it’s about hardware, software, or carriers, we’ll give you the previous week’s wrap up. It’ll be a perfect place to stop should this be your first visit to our site as well as a good refresher for those of you who might have missed a day or two. You’ll see the link back to our original article, some new commentary, and any other relevant links from around the internet.

You can expect to see AG5’s on Saturdays so look for the first one tomorrow!

We talked briefly about doing away with the Week in Review podcast a week or so back. Jamie and Scott were finding it increasingly difficult to schedule time to sit down once a week and essentially rehash articles from the previous week. Both guys work full time and have families outside of work. At the risk of coming across as a ‘blog’, we’d prefer to set some expectations early on that we all feel we can meet. The last thing we want you to read is one of those posts that start out like, “Hey guys, I know it’s been a while, but I assure you, there will be new stuff soon.” Although we scrapped the podcast version of the Week in Review, we’ll be bringing you twice the 20/20’s as before.


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