Google Really Wants to Win Spectrum?

For those keeping score at home, we’ve talked about Google wanting to bid on the upcoming “C” block of the 700MHz spectrum in January. Days after the announcement, we started to hear that they might not be in it to win it, but rather, just fulfilling obligations. Well, today we’re hearing that now they might be interested in doing everything they can to win after all.

According to a senior vice president of a nonprofit public interest telecom law firm, Google will aggressively bid to win the spectrum, even if they don’t plan to directly operate a network on it. He makes a valid point too.

Google is not looking at becoming a direct competitor with the major telcos. Rather, I think they want to use the spectrum to entice people who are network operators to build out the kind of open-access network that Google wants. If Verizon or AT&T buys that spectrum, then Google will have to live with whatever kind of open-access network that the carriers want to build.

Great point, but how much money would it take to do this? The article also goes on to tell us that the impact might not be felt for years too with the high costs and time involved in developing applications and services.


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