UK: Google Can Bid Here Too

There’s an impending analog switch-off in England just as in the US and there will be enough available spectrum opening up to create a nationwide mobile network.

In the UK the auction of the so-called “digital dividend”, which is set to overseen by Ofcom in 2009, will give companies the opportunity to acquire spectrum and launch any number of products including mobile and internet services after digital TV switchover is completed in 2012.

An article at Guardian Unlimited does go on to say that even though they might show an interest in US spectrum, there is no indicator that they would even care to get involved overseas.

“Google could bid in the UK but for me the US is where Google is strongest, and it has a certain amount of infrastructure – a network backbone – that it doesn’t have in the UK as far as I know,” said David MacQueen, the senior analyst for mobile media at Screen Digest.


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