Mobile Advertising Not Meeting Expectations?

There are several reasons why advertising on your mobile device has not yet taken off, and this article from Business Week Online posted on outlines some of them. “Wireless carriers, meanwhile, have been slow to embrace ads, fearful their customers will be driven away [BusinessWeek, 11/26/07] by floods of text-message spam or banners and pop-ups crowding such a tiny screen”. I know the technology exists for text message based advertising because I receive them regularly from a retailer.

I should point out that I had to “opt in” for the ads. How tolerant would wireless customers be of text based messaging pushed to their phone when they didn’t opt in remains to be seen. I strongly expect Android based handsets to have the technology to display visual ads on the same during normal use, such as making calls, text messaging or even listening to mp3’s. However, with that much data being constantly pushed to your device wireless carriers will be forced to offer unlimited data plans at an affordable price.


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