Desktops & Laptops Soon to Be Obsolete?

Paul Higgins of Business Day writing for offers his opinion of where mobile computing is heading, and we think he’s right on the money. There’s been a lot of discussions surrounding MID’s or mobile Internet devices, and Higgins seems to think they will be even smaller than what we might have thought in the past. “A recent story in Wired describes how researchers at Arizona State University are producing computing memory that is one-tenth the cost of flash memory (the predominant memory system in current mobile devices) and 1000 times as energy efficient. A thumb drive using the technology could store a terabyte”. You can read the full article here. While it may be difficult for some to imagine a landscape without clunky desktop and laptop computers, with memory and cpu chip set technology continuing to shrink in size, it’s inevitable. Obviously it will have to be affordable enough for the masses, but that to is guaranteed to happen. 10 years ago I paid $1000 for a 2 mega pixel Kodak digital camera. Today I can get a 7.2 mega pixel camera for under $100. The times are a changin‘.


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