More 700MHz Auction Speculation

We’ve mentioned here before that the potential bidders in the upcoming spectrum auction do not have to publicly disclose their intent. We’ve talked about companies here in the US who we know are in and who we think are out. Well, it’s time to look abroad now as we learn Asian outfits to enter scrap for 700MHz spectrum.

Business Week tells us that DoCoMo, KDDI, SK Telecom and the Blackstone Group are looking to possibly cough up a few billion to help out Google and Co. in the 700MHz C Block auction. A quick note; The Blackstone Group is a private equity firm that has invested in wireless businesses including Global Tower Partners and Deutsche Telecom (DT), who is the parent company of T-Mobile USA. Although they may not be forming some Justice League type conglomerate, they are at least considering getting their feet wet come January.

So why would foreign companies want to come stateside and play with the other kids? We’re told that the average data bill for someone here in North America is only around $10 a month with forecasts calling for upwards of $40/month in the next five years. Wouldn’t you want a piece of that too?

Oh yeah, one more thing. KDDI, DoCoMo, Google, and T-Mobile are all partners in the Open Handset Alliance.


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