John Bruggeman of Wind River Touts MID’s As Next Big Thing

In a podcast interview with Dana Gardner’s Briefings Direct, John Bruggeman of Wind River seemed pretty certain that the success of Google’s Android rests on the success of MID’s or Mobile Internet Devices. “Android will lead, he says, to a new class of potentially free mobile internet devices that do everything a PC does, only smaller, cheaper and in tune with global mobile markets that favor phones over PCs for web connectivity”.

He also suggests that Google’s business model for Android is going to change the way carriers solicit revenue from its customers. “What’s new [in Android] is the business models that open up, and the new opportunities. That’s going to fundamentally change the underlying fabric of the mobile phone space and it’s going to challenge the traditional operators’ or carriers’ positions in the market. It’s going to force them, as the supply chain, to address this. … Carriers potentially are going to have to embrace completely new revenue and service models in order to survive or prosper.” You can read the complete transcript here. In a few of our podcasts we discussed the idea of carriers offering free services and devices, instead gaining revenue from advertisements, so it’s good to hear someone in the industry give credence to this concept. We are only 6 to 7 months away from the launch of the first Android based devices, and while the the handsets excite me, I am even more curious to see how the carriers offer them to their customers.


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