Fear Mongering, Playa Hatin’ or Legit Concerns?

When you’re done visiting AndroidGuys today, head over to SeachEngineWatch and read what Adam Saroca, GM of Jumptap has to say about Google’s offering to the mobile industry. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for privacy here. Heck, we love what Ask.com just recently announced and wish Google would adopt a similar plan, but we’re not gonna freak out and get all Big Brother on you if they don’t. Check out a couple of quotes from Adam and tell us if you think they hold water.

Look at what Google can do with mobile phones: see every contact people dial, track and serve what ads they see. It’s clear their intent is to have all search and advertising run through their toolset…

Android is more than just a Trojan horse. Android can take away all search and advertising revenue streams from mobile operators… So tell us, do you think Google is watching every number you dial on your Android phones?

Do you think they keep a database of which cell phones call GOOG-411 and for for what listings? Do you worry about things like this on a daily basis?

Two more things to add, Saroca used to work for Lycos, the Google competitor. And Jumptap? Their website tells us that they “are mobile advertising experts, but search is at the heart of our solutions. We use behavioral targeting to make the ads we display more relevant. More relevance equals higher click-thru, higher conversions and a more positive user experience.” Hmmm. Sounds like they offer something very similar to a company that rhymes with “schnoogle.”


One response to “Fear Mongering, Playa Hatin’ or Legit Concerns?

  1. Word on the street is that Adam Saroca like trojan’s up the ass if you know what I mean tought guy.

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