Nokia Looking to Emulate Apple?

In a move that can only be seen as flattering to the Apple iPhone business model, Nokia is looking to copy their approach to mobile operators by sharing revenue. Nokia states it has no desire to charge a “kick back” to mobile operators for handsets, but instead will attempt to use this same model from the service side, such as music or navigation services. Now I love Nokia’s handsets, particularly their Nseries, but here in the states you will be hard pressed to find a service they offer on US networks. I can see this model working overseas, but even that isn’t a guarantee. Mobile operators generally like to sell their own services, and now you’re going to make them share the revenue they make by selling yours?. You can read the complete article here at Pocket Lint. I am sure there are folks smarter than myself running Nokia, but this one seems way out there. Now if Nokia offered a product or service that none else did, such as the iPhone I would give it a greater chance of working. I think this model works far better with hardware than it will with software and services. Good luck Big N.


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