HTC Gets More Props

You may have gleaned from our pod casts that we are huge HTC fans, and it’s always good to hear other people singing their praises as well. HTC saw revenue increases in November 07′, as well as 2007 overall. You can check out the full article here at InformationWeek It may very well turn out that HTC will be Google’s most significant handset manufacture in the OHA. GO HTC!


3 responses to “HTC Gets More Props

  1. Actually I didn’t glean anything from your podcasts and I won’t until you fix the podcast feed.

    Hah! Just forget I asked! I give up.


    It does not work by embedding the podcast in a flash player? We’ll do what we can to accommodate you and others, but we might be unsure of what you are asking.

  3. It’s not about the embedded podcast in the flash player. It’s about the xml being served, I already explained this in an email I sent you guys. It’s also not about acommodating anybody it is about doing the xml feed right.
    The reason I suggested you have a podcast feed was to provide people using podcast apps with a feed that would allow listeners to download the audio file and listen to it. You did it right for iTunes, it works, but that part of xml is specific to iTunes. To make it work for the other apps the link element in the xml should have the url to the audio file not the html page. I’m not sure I’m being clear about this and I don’t want you to do thing my way, I’m just trying to help.
    This is getting a bit long, you can email me if you’d like and I’ll try to explain it better or even provide some examples which I can’t include here if necessary.
    Keep it up!

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