To Be Clear

AndroidGuys would like to spend a few minutes and shed some light on that Bug device we talked about last month. Our post was not entirely correct in its title of First Android Capable Phone Goes on Sale in December. If you spend a few minutes on the Bug Labs website, you’ll definitely get the sense that they are not trying to pitch a ‘phone’ to you. Instead, they talk about this ‘device’ and all of its great features. This is among the first to really transition away from the idea of something that makes and receives phone calls as well as having all the cool features that smart phones are incorporating. We’ll end up seeing more and more people referring to their ‘mobile device’ that just happens to act as a phone. This will happen slowly over the next couple of years. Taken from their website we learn the following about what will come standard with the base.

BUGbase is the foundation of your BUG device. It’s a fully programmable and “hackable” Linux computer, equipped with a fast CPU, 128MB RAM, built-in WiFi, rechargeable battery, USB, Ethernet, and a small LCD with button controls. It also has a tripod mount because, well, why not? Each BUGbase houses four connectors for users to combine any assortment of BUGmodules to create their ultimate gadget.

In this quarter, we can expect to see a few modules launched with the device such as GPS, Digital Camera, Touch-sensitive, Color LCD Screen, and Accelerometer, Motion Sensor.

First quarter of 2008 should see a few more. Look for Touch-sensitive, Color LCD – 2X, Mini-QWERTY Keyboard, Teleporter, and Audio Speaker, Input/Output Mini Jacks.

To be clear, the Bug is not really going to be the first Android capable phone so much as the one of the first Android capable devices. This fits in with our idea that we could see devices like digital cameras, DVR’s, and ebooks running on Android.

Now, the Bug doesn’t seem quite as bulky when you think about what you’d be carrying around. And just what is a ‘teleporter?”


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