Nokia Claims Google Offers Nothing New

Nokia says it was far ahead of Google on new cellphone technology

We’ve seen an announcement,” Nokia’s chief executive, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, said with a spoonful of sarcasm. Conceptually, we could have made that announcement a long time ago.

There are some very interesting things to glean from an article over at International Herald Tribune today. For instance, apparently Google was inviting select companies to join the OHA and did not extend and offer to Nokia. Also, the Nokia n95 has sold twice as much as the iPhone so far. Give it another 6 months, and that may all change. As far as their claims that the OHA really won’t offer much in the way of new technologies, AndroidGuys thinks there is more up Google’s sleeve than they are letting on. If Google did not ‘invite’ Nokia, then one has to ask, why would they not want to partner up with the world’s largest phone company at least in some capacity? How much truth to those comments? Sour grapes?

We’re curious now. Who else did not get invited?


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