Odiogo Podcasts

Take a look to the right of the page and you’ll see a little button to subscribe to our feeds with Odiogo. We’re gonna try it out and see if you guys like it. For those of you ‘on the go’ who’d like an audio version of our posts, this will be a Band-Aid until we find our long term solution. You can also click on the ‘listen now’ at the top of each post if you’d like to just listen to one post.

From Odiogo’s website:

Odiogo converts dynamic web pages into high-quality audio files.
Odiogo uses sophisticated algorithms to filter-out the non-content item (links, legends, ads, etc.) of your web pages. This “cleaned” content is then processed by advanced text-to-speech technology to produce nearly human quality audio output. The files Odiogo produces can be easily uploaded into an iPod/MP3 player, listened to on a mobile phone or played on a PC or Mac.

Let us know if you guys know of a better solution! We’re all for it.


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