All Your Files Are Belong to Hackers

A couple weeks back, we had an article telling you about SMobile’s plans to release software for Android called SecurityShield. Well, they’re back in the news today and they’re bringing a little bit more doom and gloom. According to them, those of you who plan to use Android based phones should be conscious of the phishers and spammers out there looking to take advantage of your device.

Its Linux-based operating system will quickly enable hackers to explore and eventually exploit any security holes in the core Google software as well as third party software…

We’ve seen what can happen with the iPhone and it truly is a scary thought. For those of you out there who simply say “I just don’t put anything on my phone I care about if I lose it,” you should still be concerned. Software can be installed on phones to do simple things like make random phone calls, access virulent websites, and delete data.

With more ways to communicate from device to device popping up all the time, you have to take extra steps to make sure you’re not leaving anything to chance. Turn your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when you don’t need them. And for crying out loud, do not visit websites that show up in unsolicited emails.

SMobile has monitored an explosion in mobile viruses around the world; there are now more than 400 identified mobile viruses.

SMobile Predicts Spike in Mobile Viruses Once Google Phone Hits the Market


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