Week in Review (12-01-07)

At the risk of coming across as a “blog” run by a couple of guys, we present to you what will most likely be the last Week in Review podcast. We’re not doing away with the WiR itself, just the podcast version. The AndrdoidGuys staff has come to the decision to start offering our 20/20 roundtable discussions on a more regular basis. Rather than twice a month, we expect to be able to bring you 2-3 of our 20/20’s a week. These will be comprised of any 2-5 of our staff sitting down to discuss recent events and activity in the Google/Android/OHA/Anything relevant industries. It will provide you a chance to get to know our staff on a more personal level. Hopefully, you’ll find a personality or two that you can associate with.

We were finding that it had become increasingly difficult to schedule time for Jamie and Scott to sit down on a weekly basis to discuss the last 7 days worth of events. We’d like to avoid the feeling of ‘a few guys running a site’ and bring you the most consistent content possible. Watch for a more in-depth review on Saturdays. This will be a great way to circle back and get any late additions to news we’ve already reported on.

Verizon: Using Android or Not?
Sprint Rejects Investors and SK Telecom
Motorola Announces CEO Change
Google Bidding on 700Mhz Spectrum


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