Verizon Not Adopting Android After All?

Looks like a literal case of ‘he said, she said’ when it comes to Verizon and whether or not they plan on using Android as part of their product line. Did McAdam jump the gun and release information that he wasn’t supposed to or was he simply not informed well enough? What about what we’re hearing today from Nancy Stark? Who has more of an inside edge? Your guess is as good as ours is.

We’re planning on using Android. Android is an enabler of what we do. Chief Executive Officer Lowell McAdam speaking with BusinessWeek.

Verizon has not yet decided whether we will use Android in any of the devices we ourselves offer,” said Nancy Stark, a Verizon spokeswoman.

Ok readers, who do you think is right here?


2 responses to “Verizon Not Adopting Android After All?

  1. Doug Schaefer

    Well, both can be right. Android is an enabler for opening up their network. However, they are probably waiting to see what kind of products people make with it before deciding which if any Android enabled devices to sell themselves. That doesn’t prevent others from selling the devices and, if approved by Verizon, allowed on to the network. I’m sure there will be different support agreements for non-Verizon phones, though.

  2. Kyle the Blogger

    I can’t believe your putting this kind of poppycock about the great verizon lowering their handset standards that would just allow you to use to actual features of the phone. This would compromise their brand integrity and it is just asinine that would discredit yourself.

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