New Poll


On the right side, you’ll notice a poll regarding our podcasts. We are wanting feedback on whether or not you listen to them, and if so, which one you prefer. Currently, we are considering switching our Week in Review to a text/link based post without a podcast and switching our 20/20 roundtable discussions to weekly. Let us know what you think of the ‘casts either here in the comments or in the poll.


2 responses to “New Poll

  1. Vitor Pereira

    I would vote on ‘none of the above’.
    I’ve asked you to create a podcast only feed which you did, thanks for that, I then asked you to fix it so I can download the audio files instead of html pages. Once you do that I will listen to the podcasts and vote on your poll. 😉

  2. I’ll get ahold of Scott and get this going for you. Thanks for the feedback Vitor.

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