AT&T Next to Open Up?

Now that Verizon has hinted at the possibility of adopting Google’s Android, and even opened up their own network albeit half-heartedly, how soon before Cing…… AT&T follows suit?. I know in the past AT&T said they weren’t ruling anything out in regards to Android and the OHA, but the wireless industry is very competitive and I guarantee AT&T is asking themselves how they too can best announce their plans to open up their network. Even though AT&T leads Verizon in subscribers, the difference isn’t great enough for AT&T to rest on its laurels. I would expect some kind of announcement by AT&T in the next 30 days, if for no other reason than to put some of their own subscribers interested in Android at ease, and to steal some of the thunder Verizon may have earned. I think we can safely assume that if one joins the OHA, the other will not be far behind, and that’s good for all interested parties, especially Google. Stay tuned for more news on this one. This one is only beginning to heat up.


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