Verizon Adopting Android?

As reported last week, Verizon has decided to open their network up with ‘Any App, Any Phone’. The first question asked by tech insiders was whether or not this meant they were part of the OHA or just reacting to it. News coming out of Silicon Valley today indicates a desire on Verizon’s part to adopt Android into their product line.

Chief Executive Officer Lowell McAdam says it now makes sense to get behind Android. We’re planning on using Android,” McAdam tells BusinessWeek. “Android is an enabler of what we do.

This is great news should it pan out the way we anticipate. Even if they do not officially integrate Android somehow, and instead open their network up in their own way, it just goes to show how far reaching Google’s foray into the cellular market could be. As mentioned here before, Google might not sent the world on fire with Android, but they may end up lighting a fire or two under some butts.

BusinessWeek has more.


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