Things that Google Will Help Revolutionize

Scott here with a list of things I fully expect to be affected by both Google’s Android platform as well as the 700Mhz spectrum opening up in 2009. Whether Google wins the auction or not, I still see these as being viable.
Digital cameras and printers will be the first things that see drastic changes made to the hardware. We’re already seeing major developments with the Eye-Fi card out now for digital cameras and some manufacturers making wireless printers for consumers. Being able to take a picture and uploading to a Flickr account is great when you are in range of Wi-Fi. Imagine how much better it will be when you can upload to your account when you’re at the park or the beach. Just yesterday I was at a Christmas parade and my brother-in-law had to start deleting pictures because his card was full. Why sacrifice quality for quantity? We knew there was at least another 20 minutes worth of stuff to shoot and here we were, trying to figure out which pictures we could most afford to live without. Look for the capability to upload to pretty much any website, blog, or photo hosting site directly from your camera in the next 12-18 months. Same goes for wireless printers.

Expect to be able to print from your camera, phone, or laptop whether or not you have a wireless router in your house or not. Think bigger. Taking pictures at a birthday party and printing them out on the way home. This brings me to the next point. Remember the early digital picture frames costing $200 and only displaying one picture at a time? How about today’s frames for under $50 with rotating images? Gone. You will see picture frames with the capability of sending pictures directly from a camera and other mobile devices. “Hey grandma, check out the video of Sandy blowing out her candles! I’m sending it to your frame right now!”

Remote operation of computers and laptops will change too. No more configuring and tedious setups. Link the devices up one time and then be able to send and receive data between the two from pretty much anywhere. Get your pictures and music from wherever you are and use pretty much whatever device you want. Access your entire MP3 library from your player while on the road. Use your car to stream your collection on that long trip.

Forget that 8GB MP3 player hanging around your neck. I’m talking central servers holding everything you have. Google gives you 5 GB of space with gmail already. They just announced last week that the gDrive is on its way. There are sites offering 25-50GB of free storage already. A year from now, you will have hundreds of gigs of space with everything you have stored. Accessible from anywhere. A virtual ATM machine where you can deposit and withdraw your files.


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