What ‘Any App, Any Device’ Really Means

There’s an awesome post up over at PhoneScoop that gives great insight into what Verizon really means by all of this open network jargon. Well worth the read, these guys dig deep to get information out of big red.

You will not be able to take a non-Verizon handset to a Verizon retail store and have it activated there. Verizon will set up a web site and/or 1-800 number for people to use to activate third party handsets. These customers will not have access to the same support that full service customers do. Verizon will not provide support for the handsets or the applications. That will be the user’s responsibility.

Verizon will only provide support for network access issues. . Verizon expects this process to take up to June 30, 2008. It then hopes to be able to roll out the activation service between July 1 and the end of 2008.

And finally, the catch-all safety sentences.

What we have announced the other day is obviously a concept. There are a lot of details that still to be worked out over the next few moths, We want to get information from developers, publish technical standards, and we want to hear input. Nothing is going to be finalized until we have all this input.


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  1. Peter the Rabbit

    Will they let you touch it in the back also Mr. Webster.

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