Podcast Only Feeds

As a test to see what kind of interest there is, we are creating a sister blog specifically devoted to our podcasts. This means it will have its own feed strictly dedicated to our 20/20 sessions as well as our Week in Review. We’ve been asked to create an RSS for this, so for now, this will be the best way to subscribe only to our audio posts. If you’d like to add the feed, look under ‘Resources’ on the right hand side. Let us know what you think of our stuff, so we know whether or not we’re wasting everyone’s time or, best case scenario, we are not spending enough time on them!

AndroidGuys Podcasts


One response to “Podcast Only Feeds

  1. Scott, I think there is no need or any advantage in creating a second blog. Keep the content in one place just give us two separate feeds.
    What I do is (and not just with your blog) I read blog entries mostly on my laptop and listen to podcasts on my phone so it’s nice to have two separate feeds.
    IMHO you only needed to add a podcast only feed.
    Just my two cents.

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