GPS Cheap

Good Morning,

This is The General. If you’ve downloaded the most recent Podcast, you undoubtedly heard me refer to a website where I saw reasonably priced Bluetooth GPS dongles/”pucks”. Well, due to the extreme amount of stress I’ve been incurring, protecting the freedoms that this country enjoys, the URL of the site escaped me during the recording. However, as a man of my word, I’ve collected that intel for you, my fellow comrades. Please visit

You may want to navigate to the “Bluetooth GPS” section on the lefthand side. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, download the newest Android Guys 20/20 Podcast… And that’s an order!

* * * * * General Mills * * * * *


2 responses to “GPS Cheap

  1. Is there any chance you guys can create an RSS feed just for the podcasts?

  2. I am pretty sure this can be accomplished, but I will check with Scott to make certain. Thanks for the support and feedback!

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