An Ad Based World

by Jamie Hunter

Now that Google’s Android has been released everyone has been speculating about how Google will see any revenue from it. When it’s all said and done, their income is based on ad revenue, and while there is no guarantee this will always be the case Android may prove more difficult to glean that ad revenue from than they think.

For the sake of this opinion piece, lets all assume that Google will find a way to get their ads on to your new, freshly brewed Android handset. Now, let’s say they work out a deal with your wireless carrier that allows them to offer you your current voice or data plan for free. That’s right. If you currently pay $49.99 a month for 500 anytime minutes & free nights and weekends it would be free! The catch? Before you make a phone call you have to listen to a 15 to 45 second ad. Want free text messaging too? You got it, but you’ll have to view a banner or pop up ad before you send every text. Free web browsing? Okay, but you must view a constant banner ad on your web browser ala’ Net Zero before they became Net Zero for $9.95 per month. Oh, and one more thing. You will also have to click on a specified number of ads per month to maintain your free service, but you’re only given credit for so many clicks per day. The ads would be tailored to products that you were genuinely interested in. Sound crazy? Would anyone sign up for such a service?

Would you sacrifice convenience for cost? Sanity for free calling? I believe enough people would to make it very profitable for Google. Imagine what a company would be willing to pay to get their product viewed millions of times per day by potential customers who actually wanted information on your products? Let’s take this one step further. Anyone want free TV? No problem, but you have to let me run targeted ads across your screen. Say about 10 to 15 per hour. Or you could opt for the permanent ad banner on the left, right, top, or bottom of your screen that would constantly scroll ads. Better get a bigger TV! I know this all sounds far fetched and may never happen, but we would like to get your opinion. Would you give these services a try, or is there no way you would even consider it? Leave us a comment and it may get used in one of our pod casts.

Anybody want a free MP3 player?


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