20/20 Podcast for November 28, 2007

The entire AndroidGuys staff was able to sit down as a unit on Wednesday night in order to bring you our second 20/20 Podcast. For those unfamiliar, this is a pair of podcasts where we discuss pretty much any topics on our mind related to handsets, Android, Open Handset Alliance members, Google, etc.

The AndroidGuys are Scott Webster, Jamie Hunter, Lukai, J.E. Weston, and of course, General Mills. Some of the topics covered this time around were the “Google PC”, open source software, Google, ad based products and services, Google’s Map for Mobiles, Verizon’s recent announcement, and a few other items sprinkled in for fun. Let us know if you are listening to the podcasts. More importantly, if you are, do you enjoy them? We will try to bring these to you roughly twice a month. However, if this one of your favorite sections on AndroidGuys, let us know. We’d be happy to sit down more often if it’s wanted.

Podcasts are roughly 20 minutes each with files sizes of around 10MB’s.

20/20 for November 28th Part 1

20/20 for November 28th Part 2


2 responses to “20/20 Podcast for November 28, 2007

  1. Thanks for the Podcast only feed!
    I can now get them easily on my phone and start listening.

  2. Peter the Rabbit

    Well pretty much everyone on this pod cast sucks other than the mighty wise General Mills. PS I love his cereals.

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