‘My Location’ Announced by Google Today

Yet another nifty application bound to be integrated into Android was given a press release today. A very cool software feature on Google Map for Mobiles allows users to figure out where they are on the map without the use of GPS. This is great news for the approximate 85% of all mobile phone owners who don’t have it on their phones. On top of that, you can find out where you are when in tunnels and buildings, something not too reliable with today’s GPS units.

Google’s “My Location” technology, which uses cell tower ID information to provide users with their approximate location, helping them determine where they are, what’s around them, and how to get there. Google is committed to providing users with quick and easy access to the information they need, no matter when or where they need it.

The technology gathers information from cell towers and runs it through Google-developed algorithms to approximate your current location. Our favorite part? This will definitely keep costs down on your next handset if you were considering a GPS unit.

The My Location technology is available on most smartphones, including all color BlackBerry devices, all Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition devices, most Windows Mobile devices, newer Sony Ericsson devices, and some Motorola devices


8 responses to “‘My Location’ Announced by Google Today

  1. Will you please read the press release before writing.
    What’s that with “Google-developed algorithms”? BS!
    The technology doesn’t gather anything and it’s not even new. It’s something every 10 year old cell phone does, it can read which antenna and cell it is connected to.
    What Google did, as they say in the PR, is they created a database with antenna/cell id and geolocation information. The database is being fed be people using the application.
    It’s great that they’re doing this, they should have done it long ago. This is a simple thing, just match a key in a database and “voila”, you have aproximate location.
    No rocket science here.

  2. Victor, I do appreciate the feedback and comments. That ‘Google-developed algorithms’ comes directly from their press release though. First sentence of the third paragraph.

  3. Again you should take the time to read first it’s Vitor not Victor.

    About the issue here I guess you also can not believe everything you read and if your reporting you should cross check it otherwise you’re just parroting.
    The version of the press release I read is slightly different from what you are reporting and it includes comments from Google’s product manager which this one you’re linking does not.

  4. Vitor, you are right about the name. My PC changed it to VICTOR before I posted it. If you check your comments on your own site, I have it correct there.

    As far as parroting, AndroidGuys’ stance is not to break news, it’s to compile all the Google/Android/OHA news we can for a one-stop visit. We’re not trying to be argumentative with you here. We were merely passing along what Google announced, whether it is groundbreaking technology or not.

  5. Oh OK, no argument from me. You were the one who said you’re reporting but afterall you are just “passing along”. Fine with me but I think you’ve been doing a good job for the last couple of weeks and not just repeating whatever comes your way.

  6. Thank you very much for those comments. We are a handful of fans who wanted to come up with a place for other enthusiasts to come check out all the news, rumors, and opinions related to Android, etc. We realized very early on that we were going to have to create this site for ourselves so this is what AndroidGuys became.

  7. I am a fan too, both of Android and quite frankly of your site too.

    Don’t take me wrong. I just called it as I saw it.
    I guess as everybody is reporting this the same way I was expecting more from you.

  8. In the future, we will make a concerted effort to do a little more fact checking and/or digging before helping spread the ‘hype’. Thanks for holding us to such a high standard.

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