Mainstream Developers Not Flocking To Android?

by Jamie Hunter

I found an article today that seemed to imply that several “big” developers were taking a wait and see attitude regarding development for Android, which makes great business sense to me. After all, these companies more than likely already have commitments to current platforms such as B.G. Java (Before Google Java) and can’t afford to drop what they’re doing. It makes more sense for them to wait until more handsets are being sold so they can assure a return on their development time invested in crafting new software for Android.

This isn’t a reason for anyone in the Google camp to panic. Did you really think that $10 million prize money would woo big time developers like EA or even a smaller development house like Pop Cap Games? Developers of this size easily make this much in sales every year based on current mobile platforms, so they’re going to continue to do what they know is profitable. The $10 million prize was for the smaller developers, the future EA’s of the world that may have needed a little more incentive to jump into the Android game. This contest also succeeded in drumming up publicity for Android.

To be fair there were no “big time” software houses listed or quoted in this article so we don’t know what companies the size of EA are doing. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much speculation to say they have a “small team” getting to know Android and it’s ins and outs. However, I did come across another nugget that you might find interesting. If you’ve been keeping up with our podcasts or our daydreaming section you may remember us wishing for a program on Android that would have the ability to let you know what restaurants and services were available based on the GPS location of your mobile handset. Well it seems that a small company based in Seattle, Wa. is working on that exact program for a current mobile platform. The company Whrrrl is a start up that launched last month, and while it didn’t say which platform it was developing for based on their comments it isn’t Android. “The way we perceive Android is that it is another platform and, therefore, it increases fragmentation,”. Ouch! Don’t worry we will eventually see this same software or a different version of it on Android, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was from this same developer. You can read the full article by clicking on the link below.


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