AT&T Becomes Less Vague About Joining

For those keeping score at home, so far we’ve heard Verizon claim it was “weighing” its options when it comes to joining the Open Handset Alliance. AT&T did one better by saying that they were “analyzing the situation.” Early on, Nokia admitted that “it’s not ruled out at all” and adding “If we would see this as beneficial we would think about taking part in it.” Could we get any more non-committal? Well, it looks like AT&T wanted to shed a little light on their stance and disclose some of the questions they feel need addressed before they would consider joining the OHA. Long story short, there is nothing new to report.

  • What will customers get on an Android-powered phone that they can’t get on their current devices? New content? New applications?
  • Will the system be secure enough to prevent viruses, hacking and other potential problems?
  • What safeguards will be in place to protect customer’s privacy?
  • If Gmail is the default e-mail, how easy will it be for customers to access other email platforms?

It’s interesting to see actual questions from them, yet at the same time, these are questions that most of the tech community already had.


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