Social Implications for a Mobile Future

With the right software, any handset can be made into a wonderful tool for social networking. Over the next few years, many people will get their first tastes of the internet by way of a mobile device. By this we mean that the first experiences people will have online will be made possible by use of a handset. The mobile industry is rife with potential. Indystar has a terrific article up today that digs into the social aspects and benefits of a more mobile community.

There are some great statistics and quotes that make you wonder just how long some of these companies involved in the OHA had been working together to help create the juggernaut known as Android.

T-Mobile noticed that 85 percent of the Web page views on its youth-oriented Sidekick devices went to MySpace.

It cannot be pure coincidence that T-Mobile, MySpace, and Google are all working together between Android and OpenSocial.

Frederick Ghahramani, co-founder of AirG, which manages social-networking communities on Sprint Nextel, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile and other carriers, says 59 percent of its 20 million unique users around the world don’t own or share a PC.

Expect that percentage to grow in time. Less PC and even laptop owners and more mobile device owners. Our prediction is that it won’t be long before they’re not even called ‘phones’ any longer.


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