Are Developers Being Bought?

Symbian’ Vice President of Strategy John Forsyth says Google lacks experience in the creation of an operating system, stating “A mobile OS is a very specialised form of rocket science. It’s not search rocket science.” He likens OS startups to the “common cold” and questions whether Google is up to the task of “the deeply unsexy job of supporting customers day by day in launching phones”. On top of that, Forsyth feels that developers would be looking for a more robust and tested platform with plenty of sales figures before they even “got out of bed”.

Now we have the $10 million Android Developer Challenge, earmarking rewards for innovative application design. Is this challenge as a result of comments made by power players in the mobile industry? Is it completely unrelated? A common term being thrown around is the word “bribe”. Some are saying that Google is trying to kickstart the interest in Android by offering cash rewards and incentives and that without the money, there would be little movement.

What do you think? Is Android just a common cold, or will it be more like a super-virus?

Leave us a comment below. If we like it, we’ll use it in a future podcast.


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