Android in Action

The Radioactive Yak talks about what he’s done on the Android SDK so far. I gotta say, if this is what one guy does in such a short time, I am very excited to see what full on teams can do over the course of months. Where Are My Friends? looks like something that could prove very useful. I would also love to point out how much he seems to disagree with Robert Scoble’s remarks last week, echoing my sentiments.

Erstwhile video blogger Scoble is disappointment with Android. It seems this is largely because the launch “videos were boring”. Robert? Dude? Who gives a s**t about the videos? Developers don’t want videos, they want CODE. Code, samples, and a well documented API. I still haven’t watched the videos, I was too busy using the SDK to spend time looking at the pretty moving pictures. Apparently the shiny lights distracted Scoble…


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