Can Google Pull Off Ad Supported Free Cell Service? We think they can!

Karl L. Gechlik here from guest blogging to help promote AndroidGuys…

Last week one of the entourage posted an article talking about a PR leak that showed how hurried the Google crew is pushing along their new services to offer free cell phone service with Ads.

If anyone can accomplish this it is the big GOOG.

We wrote about GOOG laying fiber across the ocean floor, trying to acquire the 700mhz frequency, creating a mobile os just to name a few. Think about it, these guys are pushing directory service out of business with their goog 411. How long before it has ads on it? Of course after they have captured a nice chunk of the market share. Now this sounds like a test run before they launch their mobile phone. Would you use a free cell phone if you had to listen to ads or get them via text or mms? If it had the same quality of service as a reputable carrier the answer would be hell yeah! Its a no brainier if I can get rid of a few hundred dollars a month in cell bills. Will they offer data as well??
I guess we will just have to wait and see! What do you Android fans think? Hit us up in the commments.
Play Nicely Out There Boys And Girls…

Karl L. Gechlik

Thanks for stopping by Karl! We appreciate the your topic and insight. – Scott

You heard him! Let us know if you would be for or against a service like this.


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