Android Capable Phone Goes on Sale in December

Well, let’s clear this up right away. According to Bug Labs, they have a phone that should have no trouble running Android. Set to go on sale over the coming weeks, they’ve posted a few photos of its “open-source” mobile gadget and some of the hardware modules it will sell. Bug’s product is basically a Lego kit for mobile engineers. Starting this quarter, you will be able to buy a base unit and add-on modules — like LCD displays, GPS, a digital camera, motion-sensor, etc. — and write whatever software you want the handset to run.

According to Silicon Alley Insider

…the Bug is really just a tiny, battery-operated computer, it can pretty much run any software you want — for instance, Semmelhack says it should have no problem running Google’s Android operating system.

Bug has planned about 100 hardware modules that it will release eventually. You can also design and manufacture your own pieces too. Founder Peter Semmelhack states that a starter kit should sell somewhere in the hundreds of dollars.

We fully expect to see many unofficial gPhones leaked and announced over the next few months. While fun to read about on a slow news day, these phones will not stack up against the handsets designed by the OHA partners.


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