Analyze your DNA

Doctors and health advocates are always giving blanket statements and warning about cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure to the masses. How much applies to you though? Do you worry about everything or just hot topics? What happens if you are more likely to become affected by one over the other? Wouldn’t it be great if you could find out a little bit more information about your predisposition to diseases or conditions? Then you’d be able to spend more time focusing on what seems more likely. You’d be able to tailor your lifestyle and make changes to your daily routines, diet, etc. Well, good news! You can find out if you’re likely to get Alzheimers or breast cancer among other afflictions strictly based on your own DNA.

For $1,000, US customers will be able to send off a sample of their saliva to a Californian company and receive a ‘genetic profile’ based on an analysis of more than half a million points on their genome.

The report – which is accessed online – will identify similarities between the customer’s genes and those associated with about a dozen diseases and conditions, including type 2 diabetes and Crohn’s disease. In turn, the company hopes, customers will be able to take ‘preventive action’ in relation to their health.

Why are we reporting this on AndroidGuys? Well, ‘you know who‘ is behind it. We’ve dedicated this site to all things Android but we’re always proud to help spread news about Google’s involvement in any endeavors that we feel sound promising.

It remains to be seen how much real life demand there will be for this. If you had an extra grand, would you check just out of curiosity?


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